Slumping Studs: Why They Suck, and Who Will and Won’t Turn it Around (Part 3)

Here we go again! Today is Part 3 of Baseball and Brews's Slumping Studs series, and I'm going to dive into the numbers behind 4 (supposedly) great players having terrible seasons. In this edition, I'll be diagnosing Carlos Santana, Edwin Encarnacion, Rougned Odor, and Jonathan Villar and providing a recommendation on whether you should expect them... Continue Reading →

Bellinger, Judge, and Thames: A Quick and Dirty Breakdown

Welcome back to Baseball and Brews, buds. Today's article was inspired by one of my leaguemates who dropped Eric Thames, and further inspired by my fellow owners who allowed him to clear waivers (myself included). Crazy, right? More on that below. I'll be taking a look at three of 2017's biggest fantasy names that weren't... Continue Reading →

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