Streaming Pitchers Under 50% Owned: Week of August 14th with Maple Beer

Baseball and Brews is pleased to welcome back guest writer Aaditya V. who will be giving us this week’s best SP streaming options from the under 50% ownership group. Take it away, Adi!


Streaming Pitchers Under 50% Owned: Week of August 14th with Maple Beer

Aaditya V.

Streaming pitchers is often times a sure-fire way to bomb your weekly pitching stats; take my league-mate, for example, who started Jose Berrios at Detroit and reaped the reward of six earned runs over 3.1 innings pitched. In this week’s article, which I hope to make a weekly segment, I will try to help you analyze which pitchers may fare well in a given matchup and why. As always, I will review a tasty beer, which this week happens to make me want to slip on a pair of Ugg boots and complain about how my PSL doesn’t have enough P in it.

Let’s do it.

Probable Starters

Jake Odorizzi – TB

Does this look like the face of someone who is going
to disappoint you? Yes, yes it does.


Season Stats: IP: 98.2 ERA: 4.38 WHIP: 1.28 K/9: 7.66 QS: 7

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 4.0 ERA: 2.25 WHIP: 1.50 K/9: 4.50 QS: 0

Stream Date: 8/14

Ownership Percentage: 53%

Opponent: @Tor

Recommendation: Do not stream. This is a match up that I would avoid. Odorizzi took a line drive to the foot in his last outing and is listed as Day-to-Day. On top of that he wasn’t very impressive in game before getting hurt, walking two and striking out two while allowing one earned run and allowing four hits over four innings pitched. Furthermore, not only are the Rays ice cold, dropping 3 straight games to the Indians, but they are also away at Toronto. Against Odorizzi, both Donaldson and Morales are rocking a 1.000+ OPS over all seasons and Morales is sporting a whopping 2.179 OPS against Rizzi, albeit in only 7 AB this season, which can only spell danger. This season Jake has seen his BB/9 increase from 2.59 last year to 3.38 this year. There are other better starters to blow your ERA on.

Adam Conley – MIA


Season Stats: IP: 59.2 ERA: 5.43 WHIP: 1.49 K/9: 6.64 QS: 5

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 10.1 ERA: 6.97 WHIP: 1.94 K/9: 5.23 QS: 0

Stream Date: 8/14

Ownership Percentage: 11%

Opponent: SF

Recommendation: Stream with caution. Conley has seen his ERA fall from a very poor 7.53 to a barely palatable 5.43 since returning from a stint in the minors. While Conley’s stats show a modicum of improvement Conley still sports a SIERA of 5.13 which drops to more manageable, but still ugly, 4.59 averaged across 3 years. While the Giants are a very lethargic team and Conley has managed to pitch decently against them, albeit with a low sample size, Conley has the potential to get blown up based on his pre-demotion home stats (IP: 26 ERA: 8.31 WHIP: 1.62). While Conley’s BB/9 has fallen from its 2016 level of 4.19 to 3.62 he has seen his BABIP rise from .299 to .305. Conley has pitched well against bad team and the Giants can be classified as a bad team so you could do worse, but if you’re in a close matchup I would avoid this start.

Asher Wojciechowski – CIN


Season Stats: IP: 44.2 ERA: 4.23 WHIP: 1.10 K/9: 9.27 QS: 1

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 10.2 ERA: 3.38 WHIP: 1.03 K/9: 9.28 QS: 0

Stream Date: 8/14

Ownership Percentage: 9%

Opponent: @CHC

Recommendation: Do not stream. Asher has a tough match-up on Monday away against the Cubs. While he has pitched well over the past 14 days, he was 1 out away from posting a quality start against the Padres last week, the surging cubs may prove to be more of a challenge. Most of the damage the Padres did against Asher was in the sixth inning. Asher has  faced major league hitting before and struggled in three starts with the Astros in 2015 posting a 7.16 ERA. In 2016 Asher bounced between the Astros’, Red’s and Marlins AAA affiliate posting an ERA over 4. Asher has seen a resurgence in 2017

Eduardo Rodriguez


Season Stats: IP: 87.2 ERA: 3.80 WHIP: 1.23 K/9: 9.86 QS: 9

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 12.0 ERA: 1.50 WHIP: 0.83 K/9: 9.00 QS: 2

Stream Date: 8/16

Ownership Percentage: 43%

Opponent: STL

Recommendation: Stream with Confidence. ERod has pitched well in since returning from the DL on July 17th. In his last 2 starts in particular, against the White Sox and Yankees Eddie has hurled 12 innings and given up only 2 runs. In his start against the Yankees Eddie racked up seven strikeouts over six shutout innings. The hard-throwing leftie allowed just two hits and two walks on the night, throwing 67 of his 107 pitches for strikes. Rodriguez has now delivered two consecutive quality starts and now boasts a 3.80 ERA, 1.23 WHIP and 96/34 K/BB ratio on the season. He’ll do battle against the Cardinals his next time out on Wednesday.

Jordan Montgomery – NYY


Season Stats: IP: 121.0 ERA: 3.94 WHIP: 1.22 K/9: 8.5 QS: 8

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 10.1 ERA: 1.74 WHIP: .77 K/9: 9.58 QS: 0

Stream Date: 8/18

Ownership Percentage: 23%

Opponent: @Bos

Recommendation: Stream with confidence. Jmo has been remarkably consistent this season. In 22 starts this seasons Jmo has only allowed 4 or more runs in five games. In his last start JMoney racked up four Ks and only walked three. The only damage against him came on an RBI single by Jackie Bradley Jr. after five frames. It was a fantastic return to the rotation for the rookie leftie, especially considering that he was drilled in the head by a batted ball during . He’ll look to further improve upon his 3.94 ERA and 1.22 WHIP when he takes on these same Red Sox on Friday night in Boston.

Blake Snell – TB


Season Stats: IP: 78.2 ERA: 4.69 WHIP: 1.53 K/9: 7.78 QS: 2

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 10.1 ERA: 3.48 WHIP: 1.35 K/9: 7.84 QS: 1

Stream Date: 8/15

Ownership Percentage: 16%

Opponent: @Tor

Recommendation: Stream with caution. Snell was optioned to Triple-A Durham on August 4th and then was recalled on August 8th, before he could even make a start in Durham due to Alex Cobb’s toe injury. Though he did give up a run to Lindor in the first inning, Snell was able to calm down and post zeros over the next five frames in a win against the Indians. This season Snell has pitched relatively well against the Blue Jays giving up six runs over 11.2 innings four of which were in his first game in April.  But he remains a risky bet against the resurgent Jays.

Miguel Gonzalez – CWS

mig gonz.png

Season Stats: IP: 107.2 ERA: 4.85 WHIP: 1.49 K/9 5.10 QS: 9

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 9.2 ERA: 7.45 WHIP: 1.34 K/9: 3.72 QS: 1

Stream Date: 8/15

Ownership Percentage: 4%

Opponent: @LAD

Recommendation: Stream with Caution. In his last start Miguel Gonzalez tossed eight innings of one-run ball in a victory over the Astros, which came just six days after he was pummeled for seven runs in 1 2/3 innings by the Red Sox. Gonzalez has faced an extremely difficult schedule of late — his last five starts have come against clubs currently leading their divisions (the Dodgers, Cubs and Indians were his previous three opponents) — but he’s come through the stretch with four quality starts in five tries. In his next start MG faces the Dodgers whom he pitched against on July 18 and threw six innings allowing only one earned run and scattering 5 hits. Free passes still remain a large concern, over this last 5 starts he has allowed 12 walks over 29 innings while only striking out 16 in that same time.

Jose Urena – MIA


Season Stats: IP: 119.2 ERA: 3.76 WHIP: 1.19 K/9: 6.17 QS: 9

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 19.1 ERA: 2.23 WHIP: 0.78 K/9: 5.59 QS: 2

Stream Date: 8/16

Ownership Percentage: 39%

Opponent: SF

Recommendation: Stream with Confidence. In his last start against the Rockies, Urena gave up three runs in 5 1/3 innings. Over his last three starts Urena has allowed five runs over 19.1 innings and 3 of which to the rockies on the 11th. Urena faced the Giants on July 9th tossing five innings and giving up three runs and striking on three and only walking 1. most of the damage coming from a two run blast by Crawford. Jose should be a good bet against the Giants Wednesday.

Mike Clevinger – CLE

Mike seen here competing with deGrom for best hair.

Season Stats: IP: 81.1 ERA: 3.65 WHIP: 1.28 K/9: 9.96 QS: 7

Last 14 days Stats: 11.0 ERA: 6.55 WHIP: 1.73 K/9: 9.82 QS: 1

Stream Date: 8/17

Ownership Percentage: 31%

Opponent: @MIN

Recommendation: Stream with caution. Clevy gets an away start against Minnesota in an inter-divisional play. Mikey was phenomenal his last time out throwing 7 scoreless and striking out 9 at Tampa. Additionally, Clevy has seen moderate success this season against the Twins, allowing only four runs and striking out 9 in 8.1 innings. However, he has allowed six walks against the Twins this season. Furthermore, Mike has been inconsistent this season allowing the Angels, the Red Sox and the Yankees to have their way with him, but pitching sever scoreless against the Astros and the Rays.

Chris Rowley – TOR


Season Stats: IP: 5.1 ERA: 1.69 WHIP: 1.13 K/9: 5.06 QS: 0

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 5.1 ERA: 1.69 WHIP: 1.13 K/9: 5.06 QS: 0

Stream Date: 8/17

Ownership Percentage: 0%

Opponent: TB

Recommendation: Stream with caution. In probably one of the most patriotic games this season American Army vet Chris Rowley pitched 5.1 innings against the Pirates. The rookie right-hander walked one and struck out three on the afternoon. The only blemish on his day came on a two-out RBI single by Jordy Mercer in the second inning. Rowley has had strong minor league career in 262.2 innings at various level Rowley has posted an ERA of 2.71. while striking out 215. Due to the limited sample size Rowley has in the majors I would exercise caution.

Mike Fiers


Season Stats: IP: 128.0 ERA: 4.36 WHIP: 1.33 K/9: 8.72 QS: 9

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 16.1 ERA: 8.82 WHIP: 1.65 K/9: 5.51 QS: 0

Stream Date: 8/17

Ownership Percentage: 44%

Opponent: ARI

Recommendation: Do not Stream. Mike Fiers was tagged with six runs over four innings of work in a loss to the Rangers. In addition to the three-run donger to Brett Nicholas and a solo donger to Mike Napoli, Fiers walked four in a very messy outing. Fiers has struggled as of late, losing three straight and ballooning his ERA from 3.59 to 4.36 in just four-games. In 22 at bats both JD and Goldy have victimized Fiers to the tune of 3 HRs and 4 RBIs.

AJ Griffin – TEX


Season Stats: IP: 50.0 ERA: 5.40 WHIP: 1.20 K/9: 7.56 QS: 4

Last 14 days Stats: IP: 11.0 ERA: 4.09 WHIP: 0.91 K/9: 5.73 QS: 1

Stream Date: 8/15

Ownership Percentage: 7 %

Opponent: DET

Recommendation: Stream with caution. Today’s fun fact of the day: Did you know that AJ is only 29 years old? I figured based on the number of DL stints that he was at least 33. AJ gets a home start against the lowly Tigers who rank last in wOBA. With JD gone and Miggy playing poorly Detroit could be an easy start for AJ. A word of caution, AJ has seen his SIERA rise from 4.63 in 2016 to 5.04 in 2017 to go along with a 60% FB rate and stark decrease in line drives (by 10%). If you are desperate for innings then Griffin might be a good bet.

The Beer

Bigleaf Maple Autumn Red – Anchor Brewing

Don’t those fall colors just warm the cockles of your hearth? I can almost smell the pumpkin spiced lattes.
Picture Credit: ChadzBeerReview


In honor of my favorite season of the year, autumn, which is almost around the corner, I am reviewing Anchor Brewing’s Bigleaf Maple. Anchor Brewing has a pretty interesting past, I have included a brief history of Anchor Brewing below. Cheers!


The beer has a nice dark red color with a cream colored head. It has a malty smell with hints of maple. I was concerned about the beer being too sweet since it has maple syrup in it, but the beer has a mellow earthy taste with hints of caramel and maple. The hops don’t really hit the pallate till the end leaving a mild bitter taste. The beer as most steam beers has a strong amount of effervescence which provides a crisp mouth-feel.


Anchor Brewing has a very storied past. Quick bullet point history:

  • The brewery was purchased in 1896 by German brewer Ernst F. Baruth and his son-in-law, Otto Schinkel Jr.
  • The brewery burned down in 1906 after the Great San Francisco earthquake
  • It was was rebuilt in 1907
  • It then burned down again a year later
  • In the 1950’s the brewery suffered financial losses because America started drinking “light lagers”
  • In 1965 the brewery was purchased by Frederick Louis “Fritz” Maytag III great-grandson of Maytag Corporation founder Frederick Louis Maytag I
  • Anchor only brewed one kind of beer from 1989 till 1972 when they first brewed the Anchor Porter
    • Anchor Steam: A style of beer called a Steam Beer, a type of highly effervescent beer made by fermenting lager yeasts at warmer ale yeast fermentation temperatures





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