Baseball & Brews’s (insert adjective here) Superlative Predictions for 2018

Not another one of these prediction posts! Well, kinda. But this one focuses a little more on the fun and the wonky rather than just the usual stuff. Bold? Silly? Terrible? Moderately-accurate? Statistically irrelevant? Statistically irreverent? My (insert adjective here) predictions for the 2018 MLB season are here, and these hot takes will, if nothing else, give you something to read on the toilet at work. You're welcome.

Slow Starters: 8 Early Trade Targets, Trade Bait, and Players to be Patient With

It's almost Opening Day. I AM SO EXCITED ARE YOU EXCITED???? All that energy is as contagious as herpes in a freshman dorm, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves to slow down and not push the panic button in the early going. Sometimes, however, that panic is warranted, and in addition to helping you... Continue Reading →

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