Drafting for Dummies (Pt. 2): How NOT to Panic & Detailed Breakdown of the Top-15

If you're in a redraft league the most important time of year without question is your draft. The majority of the players you pick will stay on your roster and carry you from March to September: the only question is will you limp across the finish line or sprint? I know that you've already readĀ the... Continue Reading →

The Stash List: Injury Updates, Yoan Moncada, and Super 2 for Idiots

Good morning fantasy enthusiasts, can you feel that? We're a month away from the All-Star break, and today may or may not be the "Super Two" deadline we've been waiting for. Today I'm going to provide some updates on injured guys you should consider stashing, as well as a couple minor leaguers (yes, including Moncada)... Continue Reading →

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