Drafting for Dummies (Pt. 2): How NOT to Panic & Detailed Breakdown of the Top-15

If you're in a redraft league the most important time of year without question is your draft. The majority of the players you pick will stay on your roster and carry you from March to September: the only question is will you limp across the finish line or sprint? I know that you've already read the... Continue Reading →

What’s in Beer: The Basics of Brews and Brewing

What is beer? (baby don't hurt me) Now that that's out of the way, let's dive into the world of beer with an overview of what, exactly, beer is. I'll be breaking down the four main ingredients of beer, what they do, why they matter, and how this knowledge can actually help you enjoy your beer... Continue Reading →

Drafting for Dummies (Pt. 1)

Part One of Drafting for Dummies: covering the importance of league settings and scoring and how to use that information to your benefit. This is helpful for both newer managers as well as experienced owners shaking off a bit of rust. As always, we also review a craft beer, this week it's an IPA from Founders!

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